Buffy The Vampire Slayer

My first post ever on this blog, why not write about something that has taken over my life through my entire puberty hahah. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had a Claddagh ring, was in love with Angel and truly believed everything that Giles said was true.

I can still talk-a-long with the entire show and every cast member. Quite embarrassing that I know everybody's line. But I can't study in silence so I always have something on in the background. Surprisingly, I now know all the lines.

Anyways, I watch a lot of movies and tv-shows, so I would like to write reviews. Therefore I wanted to start with, in my opinion, one of the best shows ever.

Seeing as this show has so many seasons, I can hardly rate every episode. All though I can rate seasons. So season 1, 2, 3 en 7 are definitely my favorites. I have made clips from the best parts of some episodes and added them to the corresponding season. I will add more every now and then! Just open up the seasons and find out what my favorite episodes are so far!

0 Unaired pilot
1 Welcome to the Hellmouth (Part 1)
2 The Harvest (Part 2)
3 Witch
4 Teacher's Pet
5 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
6 The Pack
7 Angel
8 I, Robot... You, Jane
9 The Puppet Show
10 Nightmares
11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
12 Prophecy Girl
I love this part of this episode. See how Xander stands on the table and Giles and Willow both immediately look at their feet. Makes you want to pull up your legs while watching. Flashbacks to Goosebumps Slappy!!! Like if you know what I mean!!
1 When She Was Bad
2 Some Assembly Required
3 School Hard
4 Inca Mummy Girl
5 Reptile Boy
6 Halloween
7 Lie to Me
8 The Dark Age
9 What's My Line (Part 1)
10 What's My Line (Part 2)
11 Ted
12 Bad Eggs
13 Surprise (Part 1)
14 Innocence (Part 2)
15 Phases
16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
17 Passion
18 Killed by Death
19 I Only Have Eyes for You
20 Go Fish
21 Becoming (Part 1)
22 Becoming (Part 2)
1 Anne
2 Dead Man's Party
3 Faith, Hope & Trick
4 Beauty and the Beasts
5 Homecoming
6 Band Candy
7 Revelations
8 Lovers Walk
9 The Wish
10 Amends
11 Gingerbread
12 Helpless
13 The Zeppo
14 Bad Girls
15 Consequences
16 Doppelgangland
17 Enemies
18 Earshot
19 Choices
20 The Prom
21 Graduation Day (Part 1)
22 Graduation Day (Part 2)
Agh, Helpless. That episode is so emotional, I can't make a clip out of it. You just really have to see it. The betrayal is brutal. I can't see much more but this one really is one of my all time favorites of the entire show!
1 The Freshman
2 Living Conditions
3 The Harsh Light of Day
4 Fear, Itself
5 Beer Bad
6 Wild at Heart
7 The Initiative
8 Pangs
9 Something Blue
10 Hush
11 Doomed
12 A New Man
13 The I in Team
14 Goodbye Iowa
15 This Year's Girl (Part 1)
16 Who Are You (Part 2)
17 Superstar
18 Where the Wild Things Are
19 New Moon Rising
20 The Yoko Factor (Part 1)
21 Primeval (Part 2)
22 Restless
1 Buffy vs. Dracula
2 Real Me
3 The Replacement
4 Out of My Mind
5 No Place Like Home
6 Family
7 Fool for Love
8 Shadow
9 Listening to Fear
10 Into the Woods
11 Triangle
12 Checkpoint
13 Blood Ties
14 Crush
15 I Was Made to Love You
16 The Body
17 Forever
18 Intervention
19 Tough Love
20 Spiral
21 The Weight of the World
22 The Gift
1 Bargaining (Part 1)
2 Bargaining (Part 2)
3 After Life
4 Flooded
5 Life Serial
6 All the Way
7 Once More, with Feeling
8 Tabula Rasa
9 Smashed
10 Wrecked
11 Gone
12 Doublemeat Palace
13 Dead Things
14 Older and Far Away
15 As You Were
16 Hell's Bells
17 Normal Again
18 Entropy
19 Seeing Red
20 Villains
21 Two to Go (Part 1)
22 Grave (Part 2)
1 Lessons
2 Beneath You
3 Same Time, Same Place
4 Help
5 Selfless
6 Him
7 Conversations with Dead People
8 Sleeper
9 Never Leave Me
10 Bring on the Night
11 Showtime
12 Potential
13 The Killer in Me
14 First Date
15 Get It Done
16 Storyteller
17 Lies My Parents Told Me
18 Dirty Girls
19 Empty Places
20 Touched
21 End of Days
22 Chosen

Buy it!

Seriously, you won't regret it. I have all 7 seasons on DVD and I still watch them. Best show ever. Fun, exciting, drama and a little horror which is always fun! Because of the many genres, you never get tired of the show. It's never to much drama and sadness cause some way Joss Whedon created it with perfect balance! By alternating all the genres, every episode has a new flavor. Some, especially the first season, feel like a small movie!

  • Year 1997-2003
  • Director Joss Whedon
  • Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Actors Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head, James Marsters, David Boreanaz, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Caulfield
  • IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118276/?ref_=nv_sr_1