AMAZING movie! I really love this one. Well how can I not, it’s Steven Spielberg and some great actors so the changes of it failing were very very small. But this is definitely one of my favorite movies. I’ve seen hundreds so why not start reviewing the best!

Of course I’ve watched it several times. I personally really like Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks as well so maybe I am a little bias. But the story is great, the acting is great. I thought it was both funny and dramatic at the same time! The happy ending is also a big plus for me. I don’t like horrible sad endings or open ends where you just have to make up the rest.

Also I keep being amazed by the intelligence of Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio). That’s probably the thing that lures me in the most. I love to watch movies were someone is real extraordinary. Besides it’s a true story! It really sweeps you of your feet and you won’t notice anything happening around you till the movie is over.

So if you haven’t watched it yet, you really should!!! Go buy or rent it now, what are you waiting for? Get of the computer/tablet/phone, visit me again after you’ve watched it!!!

– B.