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Selena Gomez Revival Tour

And I've got the tickets!!! Can't wait to see her show! I love going to concerts. Lets wait and see!

Book review: Calling me home

Calling me home by Julie Kibler A soaring debut interweaving the story of a heartbreaking, forbidden love in 1930s Kentucky with an unlikely modern-day friendship.


If you love books as much as I do, why not create one of your own?

Tonight I am writing. For some reason I write best at night. I can concentrate better in the dark, there are no distractions, it's quiet outside and dark. It feels more mysterious and in someway that makes me better at getting dragged in to my own imagination for my story. No distractions and lots of inspiration. I don't have to walk the dogs anymore, I am most likely not getting any phone calls anymore. Don't have to go to the grocery. So I am writing tonight. Hopefully someone will once read it with as much joy as I am having while writing it.

- B.

Addiction to stripes

I confess! I have a stripe-addiction!!! What can I say, I just love the stripe.

Review Monsters University

Review Monsters University

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!! I already really liked Monsters Inc. So I definitely wanted to watch this movie. I am a big fan of Disney! Read the review here!

Review: Catch me if you can

AMAZING movie! I really love this one. Well how can I not, it's Steven Spielberg and some great actors so the changes of it failing were very very small. But this is definitely one of my favorite movies. I've seen hundreds so why not start reviewing the best!

- B.

Fashion Favorites: Big Sweater

I just love the big sweater, especially in these rainy/snowy days we have around here! Also, Also a view shopping options which are similar to the outfits above! Also different price ranges! They all ship internationally so wherever you live, you should be good;) Have fun shopping ladies.


The Present

This little movie is really amazing. I can’t even explain it, just watch it!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

My first post ever on this blog, why not write about something that has taken over my life through my entire puberty hahah. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had a Claddagh ring, was in love with Angel and truly believed everything that Giles said was true. Read the review here!